Art Dubai 2023: a solo presentation by young Iranian artist M. Smart

Madinat Jumairah, Dubai, UAE, 1 - 5 March 2023 
Hall 3, Booth G6
SARAI Gallery is pleased to announce its third participation at Art Dubai's Bawwaba section, with a solo presentation by young Iranian artist M. Smart (1998). Art Dubai 2023 returns to its home at Madinat Jumairah, Dubai, from March 3 - 5, 2023.
One of the top artists at "Khor Art Initiative 2021", M. Smart belongs to the younger generation of highly promising Iranian artists who use an increasingly playful, vibrant, eclectic, and global formal vocabulary to capture their complex and multilayered existence in a fast-paced world. His cartoonish characters - often with his self-portraits as the protagonist - against brightly colored, psychedelic backgrounds channel the anxiety and disorientation of individuals who live inside a society driven by paradoxical values: regional versus international, indoctrination versus liberalism, connected yet isolated. Focus on pure pictorial values, preference for a bright, subjective color palette together with the coexistence of forms from various references including digital games are among the qualities that make M. Smart's paintings contemporary and relevant to the time-geography coordinates of his life as an artist.