Art Fair Tokyo 2023

Tokyo International Forum Hall E and Lobby Gallery, 10 - 12 March 2023 
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SARAI Gallery is pleased to announce its first participation at ART FAIR TOKYO 2023 with "Environment Reimagined", a dual presentation by young Iranian artists Parham Peyvandi (b. 1989) and Sam Nikmaram (b. 1991). ART FAIR TOKYO 2023 will open its doors to the public from March 10 - 12, 2023 at Tokyo International Forum Hall E and Lobby Gallery.
"Environment Reimagined" consists of Peyvandi and Nikmaram's visions of their inner and surrounding environments based on both universal concerns and time-space coordinates of their individual life. Peyvandi's transformation is achieved by means of an improbable marriage between the natural and the man-made. His paintings focus on the contradictions and connections between urban and natural, depicting a grey, cubic city devoid of any life or character, in an unlikely coexistence with the vibrant nature surrounding it and an equally unlikely bright sky. Nikmaram, on the other hand, uses stylization strategies whereby organic things and places are translated into isometric volumes. Representing energy flow and green and polluting aspects of architecture, his schematic drawings echo his ecological concerns.
SARAI continues to pioneer in contemporary middle eastern art presence at prestigious far-eastern art fairs, being one of 7 overseas galleries at ART FAIR TOKYO this year alongside art galleries from London, LA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan among others.
SARAI has represented both Parham Peyvandi and Sam Nikmaram at several important art fairs in recent years including The Armory Show (with Peyvandi's solo presentation), KIAF Seoul, ASIA NOW (with both artists), and Abu Dhabi Art Fair in 2022.