Alireza Jahromi

Alireza Jahromi


Exploring a twilight realm where sounds meet images, Alireza Jahromi (b. 1984, Iran) creates and composes multi-layered universes in his drawings, collage-work, prints and paintings. His complex, dynamic scenes – some of which reference historic paintings notably by Rembrandt and Goya – are populated with characters from wandering horses to renowned classical singing figures and anonymous nudes. Crystalline, fragmented, and superimposed, Jahromi’s forms and colors behave like musical notes as they merge with one another to create a novel, integral and timeless space. “Not a single form has been manipulated and everything is as you see”, he points out regarding his approach, “a direct outcome of a pseudo-sonic transformation.” Jahromi often makes use of mixed-media techniques to achieve his desired effects.

Alireza Jahromi

b. 1984, Iran


1984 Born in Tehran, Iran.

2013 M.A. in painting, University of Tehran, Tehran
2011 B.A. in Painting, Azad Art & Architecture University, Tehran

Work Experience:
2017 Teaching at Soore University, Tehran
2014 Teaching at Azad Art & Architecture University, Tehran
2010 Teaching in University of Tehran College of Fine Arts free courses, Tehran

2009 Selected Artist, The 2nd Festival of Contemporary Iranian Drawing, Imam Ali (AS) Museum, Tehran
2009 Plaque celebrating The Fourth Festival for Elites in Azad University, Azad University, Tehran
2008 Selected Artist in both painting and drawing sections, Youth Art Festival, Saba Art and Cultural Institute, Tehran

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2020 Solo exhibition, Reverberation, Saradipour Art Gallery, Mahshahr, Khuzestan, Iran
2019 Solo exhibition, Vagrant in time, Saradipour Art Gallery, Mahshahr, Khuzestan, Iran
2017 Solo exhibition, Artlab Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 Solo exhibition, Saless Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 Group painting exhibition, 7 Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Group exhibition, Knack Gallery, Tehran
2016 Iran Shahr, Mellat Cinema Complex Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 the 8th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts, Saba Art and Cultural Institute, Tehran
2015 Group exhibition, Artlab Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2015 Group exhibition, Jorjani Art Gallery, Tehran
2015 Group exhibition, Artlab Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2014 Coexistence, Farahani Art Gallery, Tehran
2014 Group exhibition, Touch Art Gallery, Boston, USA
2014 The Third annual exhibition of Iranian Artists Forum, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

2016 up to present Interviews with international artists in painting, sculpture, conceptual arts sections, 329th edition (July 26, 2016) up to present, Tandis Visual Arts (bimonthly) Magazine.


Selected Artworks