Mahdieh Abolhasan

Mahdieh Abolhasan


Born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran Mahdieh Abolhasan began painting and sculpturing as a child by attending Kanoon courses. She is a member of the renowned Iranian artist Farhad Gavzan's Drawing House. Her works range from sculpture to performance, and she also works on graphic design for several art magazines and art books. Abolhasan's works primarily incorporate a special paper handmade by the artist herself. Each installation invites the viewer to peer into an isolated space, where they find yet another dimension into the artwork that would have remained unrevealed otherwise. In 2020, Mahdieh became the winner of the "Khor Art Initiative." Artist and jury member Katie Grinnan particularly praised her works for their layered topographic and historical aspects and the "dynamic nature of the layers," which allowed for shifting forms and structures, creating a complex narrative. Mahdieh also engages in performance art and land art.

Mahdieh Abolhasan

b. 1980, Iran


Artfair ankara 2019
Solo exhibition: tarahan azad gallery 2016
40 exhibitions in iran & Napoli, milan , turkey
5 performances
4 landart
400 books & Magazine Graphic design
5 workshop papermaking in museums miremad & tehran & shiraz & ahvaz & khoram abad


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