From Brush to Needle, from Paint to Thread
When, after 7 years of studying painting, she had to stay away from direct work with chemicals (oil paints and acrylics) for a while in order to maintain her health and follow medical prescriptions, she became very worried about how to continue painting.
The search continued among other mediums with the possibility of use without causing chemical sensitivities. With the study of feminist approaches such as Art Embroidery and Textile Art, a new path of combining needlework and painting began. In this regard, learning the types of traditional Iranian needlework and embroidery of other nations was very time-consuming but complimented her ability to pay for needle-painting. At first, a series of colored ink paintings and needlework combinations were done on cardboard, but then, due to the very limited possibilities of cardboard for various types of needlework, the whole idea was done as needlework on fabric. The collection of "memento" despite the complex process from idea to execution; she worked proudly, anxiously, and tirelessly so that in addition to its artistic function as an artwork, it would be a turning point for most of us to think about how we behave with other creatures of God. Hope so.

Maryam Yahaghi


b. 1979, Iran
2008 MA(Painting), Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2018 Memento, Vista Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2020 From The Spring Frame, Vista Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Mother, invited by Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2015 Screening of 2 works, "Rakhsh" and "Cow" in the screen section, Saatchi Gallery, London
2014 Small Paintings, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 Small Paintings, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 8th Tehran Painting Biennale, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2021 Awarded in the 13th Fajr Festival of Visual Arts, New Arts Section (Installation), Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Selected and published "Soaka" as a post by @Saatchi_gallery, for theme #pets, April 25

Symbolic Elements In Persian Painting, Bagh-e Nazar, no.19 (February 2012): 56.


KHOR 2021 Artists Exhibition: Part 2

November 26 - December 9, 2021

Selected Artworks


Maryam Yahaghi