Moslem Khezri’s (b. 1984, Iran) rather restrained color palette in his representational paintings and monotone drawings of scenes of school students within the familiar architecture of classrooms and courtyards evoke childhood memories, nostalgia and, on a broader level, point to the inherent power structure governing different stages and aspects of our social existence. The figures seem to populate the scene like actors both in groups and as individuals, mostly viewed from a distance, while the artist chooses to offer a more intimate portrait of certain characters here and there. The principal role, however, is played by light; natural light from the sky or coming in through the windows that defines spaces and brings volume and expression to the figures.

Moslem Khezri


b. 1984, Kerman, Iran

2008 BA in painting, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran
2011 MA in painting, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2022 In the Eye of the Beholder, SARAI Gallery and Moslem Khezri’s First Hybrid NFT Show, Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran
2020 We Keep Reviewing: Part 2, SARADIPOUR Art gallery, Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran
2019 We Keep Reviewing: Part 1, SARADIPOUR Art gallery, Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran
2015 A Cursory Induction, 26 Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006 Solo exhibition, Bootia Gallery, Kerman, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Art Feast 7: Figurative, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2018 Drawing as Living: Selected by Amir Soqrati, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2017 Group exhibition, Iranian Cultural Center in Paris, Paris, France
2016 Group exhibition, Gallery 26, Tehran, Iran
2015 Group exhibition selected by Aydin Khankeshipour, No. 6 Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Three Galleries, Three Shows, Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 Group exhibition by Iran Painters Association, Saba Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs:
2021 ASIA NOW: Paris Asian Art Fair, Paris, France
2021 The Armory Show, Presents Section(upcoming)
2021 Art Dubai, Bawwaba Section
2020 Art Dubai (Online), Bawwaba Section

Work Experience:
2017-2018 Lecturer, Soore University, Tehran, Iran
2011-2015 Lecturer, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran

2018 Writing and compilation of the book entitled “Naghashan-e Figurativ-e Iran” [Figurative Painters of Iran], Nazar Publication, Tehran, Iran
2016 Cooperation and writing articles for the book entitled “Dar Jost-o Juy-e Zaman-e No” [In Search Of A New Era], compiled by Iman Afsarian, Herfeh Honarmand Publishing House, Tehran, Iran
2016 (up to present) Editor of the visual arts section of Shiveh Bimonthly
2010 (up to present) Cooperation with Herfeh Honarmand Magazine


In the Eye of the Beholder

January 28 - February 11, 2022

We Keep Reviewing - Part 2

Nov 13 - Dec 24, 2020

We Keep Reviewing - Part 1

Aug 1 – Aug 29, 2019

Selected Artworks


Moslem Khezri