Parham Peivandi’s (b. 1989) paintings mainly focus on the contradictions as well as the connections between the urban and natural sceneries. His educational background in urban studies, along with the enchanting landscapes of his birthplace, Mazandaran, are the two main points of inspiration for his works.
For him, the process of creation begins with strolling around, sketching, and taking quick notes out in the real world. He then continues his work inside his studio, away from the urban context. Because of this spatial and temporal distance, in his work, the soulless urban spaces blend with imaginary elements. He shows the effect of this distance by using bright color pallets and bending the rules of perspective. The imaginary elements in Peivandi’s works are all influenced by his life and are shaped based on his state of mind and conditions of the society he lives in. At times they are delightful, pointing towards a better place, other than what he sees in front of him. And other times they are miserable, as if the spectator senses something horrible behind the silent city walls.

Parham Peyvandi


b. 1989, Iran

2016 MA (Painting), Art University, Tehran, Iran
2012 BA (Urban Designing), Art University, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2021 Two Points of View, Gallerie Maria BehnamBakhtiar, Monte Carlo. Monaco
2020 Episode 07, Mohsen gallery, Tehran. Iran
2020 Parenthesis, the second series, Nian art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Stony place, A gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Spiting Plato Re Architecture, Inja gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Shahnameh: The Perpetual Narrative (Curtain II), Aaran Projects, Tehran, Iran
2019 TOPOS: Building/ Dwelling, Vista art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Forty/ Fifty/ Sixty (Pieces of Iranian Contemporary Art), Azad art gallery, Tehran. Iran
2018 Echo from the past, Emrooz gallery, Esfahan, Iran
2017 A Group Exhibition of Paintings by Young Iranian Artists, Assar art gallery, Tehran. Iran

Art fairs:
2019 The Second Armenia Art fair, Yerevan, Armenia

2018 3rd prize, 7th Annual of Contemporary Art of Persbook, Tehran, Iran
2017 2nd prize, Foundation Behnam Bakhtiar’s Award. FUTURE IRAN. Monte Carlo, Monaco
2016 3rd prize, Iran Art festival. Tehran, Iran

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Parham Peyvandi, Jamal Arabzadeh, "A study of Time and Place in images of Baysonqori shanama using the phenomenological approach", Kimiya-e-Honar. No: 26, (Spring 2018): 71.


Gazing Through the City

April 8 - 22, 2022

Selected Artworks


Parham Peyvandi