Childhood Prairies

Ali Zakeri

The images of the prairies from my childhood spill out of my subconscious mind and this invisible, forgotten presence of yesterday flows onto today's landscape. The pleasure of reconciliation and the unity of two distant times bring me back to nature again and again to embark on a new adventure together.
In my interaction with nature, whenever there is a clear presence with me that has been absorbed in me in friendship and peace, the result is a successful work in which flows the spirit of nature, but I also remember the times when nature was like an untamable horse and I was forced to fight with it in order to “capture” it, but soon I realized that this cannot be done by force! It has rather been through patience and oneness with nature that, while dealing with appearances and trying to record objectivity, I have sometimes been able to go transcend [nature] to discover its invisible colors, its magic of light and the soul hidden in its heart. This search has sometimes started from the outside, developed further with my personal perception, bordering with the abstract world.
Creating in the heart of nature is a profound experience of moments of silence; deep silence; the vast nothingness, devoid of the world that challenges our very existence as humans! It is an experience of displacement, the sheer inability to find something or to make a choice, or an experience of profound pleasure when you cannot stand the magnitude of beauty before you; and, without knowing it, you become a part of nature. In fact, you become nature itself, and then you are filled with peace.