Dariush Hosseini

There is no end to human suffering. The number of mass and individual killings is far greater than deaths by diseases, and whatever their motivation may be, the result is catastrophic. Why does one not avoid violence? What is the relationship between man and violence? What is the nature of this deadly force that attracts so many people? To destroy what nature has so generously given them.
The works in this series are reflections on that which is deeply rooted in humanity, from its dawn to its end. By creating these works, I have attempted to make the audience confront the subject as the main course and the core issue without any compromise. Images that link the past to the present and the present to the future are born out of revisiting the catastrophe of images which owe their existence to a destructive force; a rebellious desire with an endless range of events accompanied by horror; the horror of what human beings have created with their own hands and for themselves. References to mass graves, the rise of corpses from the cracks of the earth, the fall of corpses into the abyss and so forth are apocalyptic tales each of which is reminiscent of a historical reality.
"Infantry" is about violence and its boundaries - about evil and its infinity - and the painting of mutilated corpses is an action against the usual avoidance and aversion to the representation of repulsive phenomena.