Vagrant In Time Part - 2

Alireza Jahromi

I believe that sound has two fascinating qualities: first, its ability to travel through solid bodies like doors, walls etc. In other words its ghostliness.
The second special quality is that of inter-penetrability of sounds.
Instruments all start creating sounds at a specific time. Notes from each instrument pass through objects and through each other, the result which we hear is a new sound altogether. In a sense all these notes merge and mingle with one another before they reach us.
From the moment all these sounds are released, until the moment they reach their destination, all these notes are wandering in time and space;
Like wandering sounds, these horses are also lost and disoriented; in a perpetually vagrant state caused by horrifying circumstances.
In the present series I had the intention of paying close attention to each and every from in my compositions, in the same way baroque painters would carefully depict details of a static scene; or the way a composer would minuitiously pick each and every note. Not a single form has been manipulated and everything is as you see it: A direct outcome of a pseudo-sonic transformation.