We Keep Reviewing - Part 1

Moslem Khezri

When I asked the subjects to pose as my drawing models, something would clearly change. From the moment a subject feels being watched, he or she begins to hide and reveal certain things. The camera played a decisive role as a mediator between the subjects and my works. This medium made it possible for me to paint instant, simultaneous behaviors of a number of subjects at different times.
I was charmed by the localized light of the day at certain times during the winter. It was transient and its meaning changed as it crossed each face. It would make mischief more cunning and deepen sadness. It would narrate jokes as funnier and friendships as warmer. It would exaggerate their fears and dignify their musings. But that was not all; what I had grown fond of the most was the trace of the sunlight that brought extra pleasure. In an empty class, a courtyard and an alley, the presence of the sun became my subject.
These works are attempts to review moments of our collective lives in an endless cycle; a revisiting that seems to be bound to human nature and is imbued with a sense of distress and gloom.