We Keep Reviewing - Part 2

Moslem Khezri

Someone with a strong memory would have a hard time narrating things. Every narrative necessitates forgetting the details and distancing oneself from the original memory. A narrative takes over the event and recounts it in such a way that serves the narrative, transforming it into a general schema, but imbued with more meaning than what was experienced in reality. Painting a whole, coherent picture of everyday moments is a personal struggle with memory, which is still possible through some kind of respect towards the visual reality of the world.
These paintings seek to bring to life years of faces, hands, and figures touching a particular reality, not through detailed representation of subjects or fragmenting things, but by highlighting and somehow ‘visually exposing’ an otherwise mundane event; experiences that are deep-seated in people, creating within them certain typical movements, gestures, and positions. These images reflect collective experiences and travel across the boundaries of suffering and joy, punishment and reward, possibility and limitation.