a³=1: Solo Show By Sam Nikmaram

19 August - 2 September 2022
SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) is pleased to present a3=1,Sam Nikmaram's first solo exhibition at SARAI Gallery. a3=1 opens on August 19 and it will continue to run until September 2, 2022. The present exhibition consists of Nikmaram's ceramic and papier-mâché sculptures and works on paper.
Sam Nikmaram belongs to the younger generation of Iranian artists who use an increasingly playful, vibrant, and universal formal vocabulary to capture their complex and multilayered existence in a fast-paced world. Nikmaram's concern for nature and the forces shaping our living environment is reflected both in his choice of material - his sculptures are often made out of papier-mâché and disposable objects - and his often isometric drawings and paintings composed of neatly delineated, minimalistic examination of environmental elements including green and grey, clear and pollutant, each time creating a new and different whole. In a process involving bricolage, he collects used bottles, cans and other often-massed produced objects and step by step, guided by his child-like imagination turns them into unique, playful characters of presumably elaborate background stories. Nikmaram employs stylization and geometric order to create isometric spaces and give form to his variety of imaginary creatures of mythological and folkloric qualities. Attention to nature is one of the key features in his work not only in his technique and sustainable and ecological approach to sculpture but also as a source of inspiration for his creative process. In his view, imagination and myths are present in many actual and tangible aspects of the world, which is why many of his social concerns are reflected in his works in an imaginative way.