Elham Issari

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“Lands” is an expedition. A project devoted to my exploration of the “Mother Wound”. In psychology, a Mother wound refers to trauma created by the emotional and/or physical absence of a mother. Those with a mother wound are left to navigate adulthood without the base of security that enough mothering instills. The belly serves as the landscape of this expedition. My motherland. Although once fertile, it is now an abandoned space. Evidence preserved in its cracks, dips and folds are the only signs suggesting that this barren place once supported life. The navel sits at the core of this landscape, central to its very existence. We roam this land in desperate search of nourishment, only to find a hollow pit at the very center. Time and time again, we find ourselves at the very edge of this pit, staring into abyss.


Elham Issari

b.1987, Iran
2011 BA(Fine Arts), Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London, United Kingdom

Solo Exhibition:
2011 Green Revolt, The triangle space/ Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London, United Kingdom

Group Exhibitions:
2020 Organs, The Pure Evil Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2018 Tehran's Art For Peace Festival, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Untitled group exhibit, Isoo Gallery, Amol, Iran
2013 Positive/Negative curated by Vahid Sharifian, Dastan Basement, Tehran, Iran
2010 Chelsea half term, The morgue Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London, United Kingdom

2002 Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award Runner up, Sheikha Al Manal foundation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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