Fatemeh Shakoori

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In Praise of Shadows
Ever since my childish mind could retain memories, every time I saw the objects and accessories used in the Ashura* rituals, I remember always being fascinated by their beauty and magic, and I would be immersed in the thought of its symbols and forms for hours.
This passion made me pay special attention to this subject and I started collecting symbols such as metal birds, hamsa, lanterns, etc.
Then I arranged them together again and again and took photographs.
In the transformation from photography to painting and drawing, images of living beings emerged from the shadows, as if born of inanimate ritual objects, and they seemed to resume life on the blank surface. What you see is the trembling dance of these shadowy ritual objects on the firm surface of canvas and paper.
* a holy day of mourning observed by Shia Musli


Fatemeh Shakoori

Born in Tehran, Iran (1979)
2011 MA in Art Research, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
2007 BA in Fashion Design, Shariati Technical and Vocational College
Member of board of directors at the Islamic Art Association of Iran since 2013
Teacher in various Tehran Art Schools since 2001
Teacher at Shariati Technical and Vocational College and other education centers since 2011
2018-2019 Art Teachers Training Course Instructor (Drawing)

Solo Exhibition:
2016 “The Outdoor Room”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran

Selected Group Exhibitions and Festivals:
2021 "First prize in the country in the field of drawing at the festival Artist teachers, Shiraz
2020 “Khor Art Initiative online Exhibition, saraigallery.com and Artsy platform
2019 “100 Works 100 Artists”, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
2019 “Art P Festival” Group Exhibition, Farmanfarma Gallery, Tehran
2019 “The 12th Fajr Visual Arts Festival” Exhibition, Saba Art Gallery, Tehran
2018 “40 Selections”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “Drawing Book of the Year”, Iran Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “That Which Isn’t” Group Exhibition, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “Red”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 Group Drawing Exhibition, Iran Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 Group Drawing and Painting Exhibition, Kamaleddin Behzad Gallery, Tehran
2016 “Alborz Painter Artists Association First Drawing Festival”, Karaj, Iran (shortlisted)
2015 “Small Frames”, Aria Gallery, Tehran
2007 “Shahnameh Illustration”, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran