Hamid Pirayesh Moghadam

Hamid Pirayesh Moghadam (b. Mashhad, 1989) began learning drawing and painting at the beginning of adolescence with the professors of the Imam Reza Cultural and Artistic Complex. After graduating in chemical engineering and entering the master's degree in painting, he has worked professionally in this field.
His works are the result of daily concerns that sometimes take on a very personal and sometimes a social dimension. He portrays his personal and often critical perspective by watching and experiencing the events around him, whether it is his studio and its objects and belongings, or cultural and social issues and developments. In his works, the choice of materials and techniques are often active in shaping the content of the works.
Hamid Pirayesh works and lives in Tehran.

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The current works have been selected from a collection entitled No. 8 . This collection is a personal take on the nature of memories residing in my personal house and studio; An old and antique house which is on the verge of demolition and is striding hastily towards its inexistence with each of its constituents, due to my constant coexistence with them, revealing an identity beyond their applications. In the current works, brick red color is used as an integration of the house components corresponding to its living residents, and tea is used as a symbol of everyday life as a fixator and stabilizer of memories within each corner of the house. The process of creating these works is similar to the process of birth to death of this man-made construction and other houses with similar stories namely: "construction, remembrance and ultimately destruction."


Hamid Pirayesh Moghadam

b. 1989, Iran
2019 MA(Painting), Art University of Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2011 Grays, Aseman Gallery, Mashhad, Iran
2017 2nd Jokal Festival, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 3rd Jokal Festival, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Text in Text, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2020 2nd Alzahra University Expo, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2021 What’s nearby, Arthibition Gallery, Tehran, Iran