Marzie Bagheri

Marzieh Bagheri (1985) finished her postgraduate education in Painting and Artistic Research. She also worked on stage design and ceramics and has several national awards. The fall of human civilization through war and destruction is a recurring theme in her works. Sometimes she searches for this decline among the ancient ruins that lack any sign of human life and sometimes she pictures a pile of corpses before our eyes. The grey color palette intensifies the fear and despair that prevails over the paintings and dims any hope of reaching a ray of light.

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Middle of common gathering
In the middle of the square of “it is as it is”.
We are born every day in a new war and we die in the midst of an old war.
Here, in this middle, Death is a trait of children who have not yet been born.
As old as Ancient civilizations, layers of ashes are upon us and dreams of peace have been shattered on top of each other.
We are as hollowed as the vastness of contemporary fantasies.
In the midst of the day by day death of nature
In the middle where we are.
Amidst the middle of us and them.
Amidst the suspension of the future of our world.
Amidst of all this amidst
Amidst nothing


Marzie Bagheri

b.1985, Iran
2009 BA(Painting), Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran
2013–Present MA(Art Research), University of Science & Culture, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2020 Middle Of Common Gathering, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2016 Blue Gold, Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Haft Negah, group exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2014 Eraser, Group of the selected Artists of four Rounds of the Damonfar’s Painting Biennial, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Machine; Automobile, Shirin Gallery Tehran, Iran
2012 Haft Negah, group exhibition, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran, Iran
2012 The New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists,Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2011, Mohsen Gallery, "The first annual exhibition of digital art Tehran", Tehran, Iran.
2011, Shirin Art Gallery, “DOLL”, Curator: Behnam Kamrani, Tehran, Iran.
2010, Mellat Gallery, Damonfar's Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists, Tehran, Iran.
2010, Jill George Gallery, From Tehran to London, London, UK.

2010 2nd prize of Damonfar's Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Homa Art Gallery, Selected in the Third New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists, Tehran, Iran
2009 1St Award for Best Scenic Design, Theater Festival of Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran