Nasim Vahedi

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Sequence of present moments is a collection in which I have dealt with two dimensions of the infinite dimensions of nature. In performing this collection, I was inspired by morphology. I have used the broken frame of Persian painting in the composition. One dimension is the corpses of animals that have lost their lives for various reasons and the other is the magnified parts of their body or the phenomena around their living environment. I have always been fascinated by careful consideration of natural phenomena. It evokes in me various emotions such as joy, surprise, fear and sadness. It also leads to discovery of beauties that are inherent in phenomena. Thinking about these forms and events always makes me wonder where we stand in this cycle, we as a part of this nature with the power to control many phenomena.


Nasim Vahedi

b. 1987, Iran
2020 BA(Painting), University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2020 The exhibition of the 7th Annual Printmaking Exchange, Tehran, Laleh Galley, Tehran, Iran
2019 Human without Human, group painting exhibition, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2019 Group printmaking exhibition, Theme Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Group printmaking exhibition, University of Guilan's students, Sayeroshan Galley, Rasht, Iran
2018 Group painting exhibition, Elahi Gallery, Rasht, Iran
2018 Beyond the Wall, group printmaking exhibition, commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami, by Daargoun Gallery, Simultaneously at five galleries, five cities: Daargoun, Tehran; Diba, Kerman; Sarvenaz, Shiraz; Marlik, Yazd; Aknoon, Isfahan; Iran
2017 Group printmaking exhibition, University of Guilan's students, Emad Art and Culture House Gallery, Rasht, Iran
2016 Group painting exhibition, Maktab Painting Workshop, Nowshahr, Iran
2009 Commemoration of Nami Petgar, painting exhibition of art students from 1999 to 2008, Nowshahr, Iran