Neda Kashani

Neda Kashani began her artistic experiment by line drawing with pencil and ball point on paper which most of her art work were nude body figures.
As showing nude figures in Iran has been banned, therefore she started her new series titled "Scissors" by depicting scissors in form of Still Life with acrylic on canvas.
The Scissors has been forming since 2011. At the beginning it was inspired by figurative arts eventuated by developing to creation of figures in shape of scissors emblem of censorship.
Above collection is effected from society and artist life conditions such as limitations and challenges opposing her.

Ali saeedi_edited.jpg


My new collection named “Scissors”, represents scissors in the shape of human figures going about different situations.

I hope the viewer makes up their own mind in regards the pieces, the collection as a whole is a reflection of our perception of what is permissible in a society.

People try to censor or to cut each other in a sharp and harsh ways, they become limped and incapable. They fight with each other out of habit, which leads them to inner decay, there is no winner in this fight, we all lose.

My aim from presenting this collection is to reach the inaccessible, breaking the limitations and cutting across the boundaries, which might not exist in other geographic locations.

The “Scissors” collection is a representation of our current routine life in an fantasy form.


Neda Kashani

b. 1983, Iran
2005 BA (Graphic design), Azad University of Art & Architecture, Tehran, Iran
2000 Diploma, Azadegan school of art, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
Selected drawing for biennial of drawing Osten biennial of drawing Skopje 2012
Group painting Exhibition Haft Samar Gallery 2012
The 1 st Drawing Biennial Seasonal Contemporary Painters Magazine Laleh Gallery 2016
Group painting Exhibition of Association of Iranian Painters Research Expo. Members under 40 (also pressed in book) 2017
Pressed artwork on the cover of Seasonal Contemporary Painters Magazine 2017