Niloofar Mohammadifar

Niloofar Mohammadifar, has been working in the field of painting for many years, and she has also had experiences in the field of installation and video art. Since 2012, Mohammadifar has performed in numerous group exhibitions in Europe, the United states and Asia. She does not consider an initial sketch for most of her paintings. On the other hand, she starts studying and discovering the desired space directly with the color on the canvas. Her artworks peculiarly focus on human beings, although the dominant themes have always been changing influenced by the environment and the abnormal political and social conditions of her society as well as the not-so-stable world in which we live.
It is quite clear that the citizen of modern society, if not in all cases, at least in some matters, has no authority and submits to fatalism. The characters in her paintings emerge from the heart of this passivity; creatures that have become inert and passive in the face of this inevitable compulsion, and have a smile of submission and helplessness on their lips. She does not intend to create a social action or event in her projects because art is incapable of it. In fact, She is only referring to the concerns of contemporary man of her time.
Her innate humor has been slightly evident in her works (sometimes in the image or the title, and even the content). This feature of hers has caused signs of humor, albeit intangible, in her paintings and the characters within them; sometimes in terms of ridiculing and sometimes in terms of protesting.

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Believing in the afterlife is one of the commonalities of the divine religions. Although the description of that world is not the same in all religions, it has much in common. In Iran, our lived experience has been in line with these concepts; the concern of avoiding sin in exchange for going to heaven has been among the teachings of childhood in most religious education systems. Like many of my contemporaries, I have been very involved in this at different stages of my intellectual development, and trying to avoid sin to go to heaven has caused me to lose many of my childhood and adolescence experiences. Carrying this amount of contradictions until the intellectual maturity has formed a vague image mixed with fear and horror of heaven and hell in my mind, and this has led to the formation of a collection entitled Painter Is Absent in Heaven.


Niloofar Mohammadifar

b. 1987, Iran
2010 Public Administration, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2020 The Painter Is Not Present In Heaven, Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Fireworks, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2020 Imagination, Acceleration, Vision, Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Inner Fragments, An exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Women Artists, Duderstadt Gallery, University of Michigan, MI, USA
2019 Fajr, Saba Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 1+1 million, Sales Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Selected Artworks of the 2nd Art Festival, Iran-Paris Culture House Gallery, Paris, France
2018 Iranian Women Artists Painting Exhibition, Norwest Gallery of Art, Detroit, MI, USA -2018,
2018 Selected Iranian Artworks, Kunst aan de Ee Gallery, Woudsend, Friesland, Netherlands
2018 Selected Young Generation Artworks, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2016 Selected Artworks of the 1st Iranian Art Festival, Contemporary art Museum Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 The Art Festival Painting exhibition, Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris, France

2019 Selected painting artibition Online Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Selected painting Versus Visual arts 3rd Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2018 Selected painting, the 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran Iran
2017 Selected painting, the 2nd Iranian Art Festival, Tehran, Iran
2016 Ranked 2nd in selected paintings, 1st Iranian Art Festival Tehran, Iran