Raya Bakhtiari

Raya Bakhtiar was born in 1987, Tehran. She started painting when she was an adolescent. After graduating from high school in humanities, she continued her education in BA in painting. She learned professional painting from great artists like Bamdad Rezvanian and Eisa Jabbari. In addition, she started the art of sculpture with artist Hamidreza Fotouhi. She began the art of mirroring with artist Siavash Tarzi during the Corona Pandemic. It is to say that she has also worked with Tehran Beautification Organization regarding wall painting and Environmental art.

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History is the mirror of learning. The confined past can be seen in the mirror. The verdigris mirrors reflect the cotemporary human who is drowned in their mundaneness and mirrors reflect the human’s tumultuous mind and soul.
Hallucination is what we see in the mirror; it is the past of a society as well as the inside of contemporary human which is full of verdigris.
Mirrors reflect what is going on inside you; Sometimes it is your true self and sometimes it is the hallucination among the past, present and future.
The first time I saw the Mirror Hall of Golestan Palace, I was stunned by the reflections of the mirrors and I felt that they are walking me through history; Therefore, I decided to learn the art of mirroring.
Mirror is the symbol of clarity and purity of soul in Iranian culture and Iranians have always used remarkable mirrors in the art of mirroring. Moreover, geometry plays a significant role in the art of mirroring like Monir Farmanfarmian’s works of art.
I have used verdigris mirrors in my work. Additionally, I painted the back of glasses and mirrors, then cut them. It is to say that I have cut them improvisationally which is opposed to the techniques of traditional art of mirroring. The first result was precisely my reflection in the verdigris mirror. The painted parts were inspired by history indicating the interrelation between the contemporary human with the verdigris history; the face of contemporary human without clarity and simplicity of the soul.


Raya Bakhtiari

b.1987, Iran
2015 BA(Painting), University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST), Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Periodical 1, Ace Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 500-600-700, Ace Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Abad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 26 Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 Atashi Gallery, Kerman, Iran
2016 Homer Gallery, Kerman, Iran
2016 Aban Gallery, Shiraz, Iran
2015 Didar Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2015 Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran
2016 Alborz Artists Association, Alborz, Iran

2019 Carbafoo Prize Group Exhibition (Poscard), Tehran, Iran
2019 Carbafoo Prize Group Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2018 Tehran Beautification Organization Prize for Environmental Art, Tehran, Iran
2017 Tehran Beautification Organization Prize for Mural Painting, Tehran, Iran
2016 Alborz Painters Association Festival, Alborz, Iran
2016 Iranian Academy of the Arts (Fahangestan Honar), Tehran, Iran

Professional Experience:
2018 Mural Painting for Tehran Beautification Organization, Tehran, Iran
2018 Working with Peyman Bakhshi in Sculpture and Nature Event, Kish, Iran
2018 Working with H.Fotouhi in Snow Sculpture Festival, Tehran, Iran
2017 Assistant to Mr. H. Fotouhi in Derakhtestan Sculpture Event, Tehran, Iran