Samaneh Yousefi

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Atrium (Dehliz) is the name of a painting collection that I started working on in 2015. I also took this title from Ahmad Shamloo's poem "No! I never believed in the night as I had hoped of a window across the atrium"

My initial idea was of women in the subway. My everyday scene was women listening to music with headphones, so women became my main subject for painting because their feelings was appealing & questionable.
To answer this mental question, I started photographing and asked people to be my model while they were listening to music. Finally, I became my own model and the question brought me face to face to myself. I was shooting with different lights and I observed a light through darkness that illuminated the figure and the bed from a distance. This light and darkness helped me a lot. The reason to avoid colors in my drawings was the sense of drama in the black and white. The bed also became the main element of my work. At first, it was a place for my figures, but the bed itself also had a sense of land, fertility and femininity for me


Samaneh Yousefi

b.1988, Iran
2013 BA(painting), Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2020 Atrium, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2020 Drawing competition for young talents from 20 to 35 years old, A Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020 Bon-gah Art Book Fair, Tehran, Iran
2020 Identity, DD Art and Cultural Center, Mazandaran, Iran
2019 Students painting Expo, House of Iranian Artists, Tehran, Iran
2019 The seventh annual Printmaking exchange, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Selected 11th New Generation Group Exhibition, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Group exhibition of paintings by new members of the Iranian Painters Association, House of Iranian Artists, Tehran, Iran
2019 The first annual exhibition for Art P visual arts, Farmanfarma Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Selected works by the young generation of Versus, Iranian Artists House, Tehran, Iran
2012 Group exhibition of the 19th International Festival of Youth Visual Arts, Gorgan, Iran

2013 Selected in the second student Painting Expo of Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran
2019 The second winner in the first round of Sakoo Graph design competition, Sakoo Visual Art School, Tehran, Iran
2019 Winner of the first annual exhibition for Art P visual arts, Farmanfarma Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 Winning the first place in the field of painting in the Hakim Abolqasem ferdowsi commemoration workshop, Neishabour University, Neishabour, Iran