Shila Jalil Piran

Sheila Jalil Piran was born in 1991 in Lordegan city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. Thanks to her two elder sisters, she became interested in painting as a child. Gradually, this interest became more serious and the path of her future education and career was formed. she studied graphics at high school and then painting at university. Since graduation, she has participated in several group exhibitions.

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As an artist, I have always tried to reflect the concepts and dynamisms of the community in which I live, in my works. In the “Dread Place” collection created over the past six years, family; homeland; religion; political power; ideals and visions of the future have been the intellectual basis of its creation. During creation process of these works, Iranian painting as a historical-artistic experience has a colorful presence in my subconscious and the natural environment of where I lived in as a child has caused those concepts to appear in a similar context and provide the Iranian painting and its technical foundations with a new discourse. The use of sewing patterns in the background of this collection, in addition to creating the space of curved lines in Iranian painting, is also reminiscent of de-patterning to me.


Shila Jalil Piran

b. 1991, Iran
2016-Present MA(Painting), Soore University, Tehran, Iran
2014 BA(Painting), Art University of Isfahan (AUI), Isfahan, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 One Plus One Million, Curated by Sina Jafari, Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Persons, Curated by Niloufar Teymoori, Hamras Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Roots, Curated by Afshin Bagheri, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Young Iranian Artists, Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 One of the eight selected young artists, Young Iranian Artists, Assar Gallery, Tehran
2017 Second place, Sixth biennial of painting by Damonfar Gallery, Pardis-e Mellat Gallery, Tehran