Shilan Ebrahimi

Visual artist Shilan Ebrahimi was born in Iran in 1984. In childhood, She was fascinated by figurative paintings that were hung on her parents’ walls and was impressed with colors, forms, and the story behind them. naturally, she was drawn to the art around her.
Since then, She got the point that art can be used as a language that people all around the world would be able to interact with.
She has been painting ever since she was 12 years old and due to some difficulties that she has faced within the patriarchal society, social problems and hardship, especially for women, has become her concern and subject of her artworks.
She persuaded her passion at university, While she was studying for a bachelor's degree in fine art at Alzahra University she got a Mural Grant from Alzahra University (Design and Paint on the Wall, Vitrail technique). This installation at the student center of the University made her think about the interaction and effect of three-dimensional art pieces on humans and the environment, so she went beyond the two-dimensional surface of the canvas and blended painting with sculptures. Therefore, her artworks are created by mixed media techniques like aluminum, plexiglass, metal or rust color, and many more.

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Life is full of efforts to reach a brighter future.
I was born during hardship of IRAN and IRAQ war.
However, growing up and moving forward would be extremely difficult at a particular point in time and space.
Therefore, Hope can be the only way that makes it possible to go through the darkest points of life.


Shilan Ebrahimi

b. 1984, Iran
2006 BA(Fine Arts), Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2006 Kamaledin Behzad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Maah-e Mehr Art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 Nasal-e No, Pardis-e Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Note, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Nasal-e No, Pardis-e Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Shila Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Avaat, Seyhoon Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2004 Fullfund Mural, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
2001-2006 Top Prizes in Alzahra University’s art competitions

Professional Experience:
Visual Artist (Freelancer)
2005_2008 Collaboration with Artist Reza Derakshani as assistant
2009_2016 Collaboration with Artist Mehrdad Mohebali as assistant
2009_2014 Painting teacher, Castle atelier
20019_2020 Painting teacher, Banbury Crossroads school As a Volunteer