Shiva Noroozi

Shiva Noroozi (b.1980, Iran) makes an imaginary and mystical universe that is all her own. She is residing in Kish Island in the south of Iran for the last 8 years, where she continues her practice. This quiet place with its blue sea and vast sky has been very inspiring for her path of self-discovery. In her recent works, she is also inspired by the traditional Iranian visual world and literature and believes culture is an essential part of our selves. with angular human figures in peaceful poses in the solitude, and Using bold and unnatural colors, she builds the atmosphere of an uncanny world and invites viewers to uncover her open-ended narratives.

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I belong to the group of artists who discover truth inside themselves, not in outward appearance. In recent years my main focus has been on silence and absence. When we listen to the silence of the universe, the mystery of the world becomes more and more apparent.
I use human subjects and geometric forms, and in my own way try to show what is hidden. Empty spaces have a special role in my works and for me empty means full. This solitude can also be related to where I live, a quiet Island.
I create these images because I believe that images can compensate for the inadequacy of language to express some certain thoughts and feelings.


Shiva Noroozi

b.1980, Iran
2008 MA(painting), Shahed University, Tehran, Iran
2004 BA (painting), Art University of Tehran, Isfahan, Iran

Selected solo exhibitions:
2018 Deep Silence, Mica Gallery, Kish, Iran
2015 Metamorphosis, Khatesevom Book-Gallery, Kish, Iran
2008 Shahed Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected group exhibitiions:
2021 Line, end of line, Contemporary Art Gallery, Kish, Iran
2020 Autumn Salon, Matti Sirvio gallery, Muscat, Oman
2019 Small works show, Matti Sirvio Gallery, Muscat, Oman
2013 Igreg gallery, Teheran, Iran
2012 House Of Artists Gallery, Teheran, Iran
2009 Iran people roads landscapes photographs, Centro cultural candiani, Italy
2007 Elahe Galley, Teheran, Iran

professional experiences:
A member of society of Iranian Painters (SIP)
Teaching art in universities and institutes from 2008 in Tehran and Kish

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