Afshin Bagheri


In this work, I attempted to portray the world I inhabit; a world whose horizon is clouded by the looming threat of war and revolution, rendering peace unstable and artificial.
Wars and revolts which bore no fruit, only scattering rotten seeds of evil and death, and, in so doing, further destabilized the little peace and quiet we previously had. Such turmoils propelled us into becoming accustomed to a conflict-laden lifestyle, leaving us no alternative but to adapt. In consequence, we became warriors: dejected but hopeful. Warriors who hope for the sun to rise again all the while their lutes cry out the absence of light, chanting the world will forever remain in darkness.


Born in 1987 Mashhad
M.A in Graphic Design , Tehran Shahed University

Solo exhibitions
2020 Painting Exhibition- Resurrection of savages - Seyhoun Art Gallery - Tehran
2018 Painting Exhibition- Caldarium - Seyhoun Art Gallery - Tehran
2017 Painting Exhibition- Mashianeh - Seyhoun Art Gallery - Tehran
2016 Painting Exhibition –sixth season- Seyhoun Art Gallery – Tehran
2014 Painting Exhibition –Bondahesh- Seyhoun Art Gallery - Tehran
2011 Painting Exhibition – Aseman Art Gallery - Mashhad
2008 Drawing Exhibition - Mirak Gallery - Mashhad

Group exhibitions

2018 winter group exhibition seyhoongallery 2
2017 Versus Art Festival - Iranian Artists Forum –Tehran
2017for chidrien survive group exhibition , goharan gallery
2015 Young Generation – Shirin Art Gallery -Tehran
2015 Haft Negah - Niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation - Tehran
2015 Versus Art Festival - Iranian Artists Forum -Tehran
2015 Yasht Art Exhibition - Iranian Artists Forum -Tehran ¬
2014 Group Exhibition - Laleh gallery - Tehran ¬
2014 Group Exhibition - Hoom Gallery -Tehran
2014 Group Exhibition- Aseman Gallery - Mashhad
2013 Izmir Art Fair - Turkey - Izmir
2013 Mytohoom Group Exhibition - Hoom Gallery -Tehran
2013 Painting Exhibition - Seyhoun Art Gallery -Tehran
2008 Sculpture Exhibition - Arasbaran Gallery -Tehran