Aida Balanchi


Humankind has always been the most prominent factor of change on environment and other animals. I cannot consider a space which is safe from humankind nor have I set foot in a place which is intact. In fact being pure and pristine in this day and date is impossible or if it is, humankind has not discover it yet. The existence or nonexistence of human in a certain space has always been a query for me.
Spaces which will hold human effects onto them for so many years.
The collection of my work include spaces which are devoid of humans, but their trace can be perceived evidently.
I am not aware that how human impact has damaged or affected the space, but what I am clearly aware of is the fact that someday humans have been there and have left some traces.
My art refers to the reality of human after his/her presence. In essence, if I want to illustrate something, that thing is the absence of human.
Absence of human versus his effects is the element which I have paid attention to in my environment and theories of Irvin D.Yalom and his work in the realm of phenomenology have had great effect on me. Also, after watching Paolo Sorrentino’s films especially “Great Beauty” I came to believe to reconsider human role more than ever.


2018 – M.S in painting, Collage of fine arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2013 – B.S in architecture, Azad university, Shiraz-Iran
2020- “Emtedad” Group exhibition, Iran Hall, Tehran-Iran
2017- “Group exhibition, Ayric gallery, Tehran-Iran
2016- “Finding self” Group exhibition, Ab gallery, Shiraz-Iran
2016- “Zarif art institute” Group exhibition, Sarvenaz gallery, Shiraz-Iran
2015- Painting two murals in Shiraz, selected by the municipality
2016- The selected part of my Art work in Fir Parma, Italy
2018- The first rank of painting master's degree entrance exam in Iran