Akram Mahmoudi


The interior spaces of her living environment with vibrant lights is the main theme of the works in this series. she is involved with light/dark contrast. Sometimes darkness and shadows are spread into the space and sometimes a dim light penetrates into the heart of darkness. The pale escaping light of sunset alters the meaning of every object on which it is cast. Her main idea is this anxiety originating from the change in the meaning of objects and spaces.


Born in 1981, Tehran, Iran
Education :
2009 – BA in painting, Shahed University of Art , Tehran, Iran
Solo exhibitions:
2019 – Online display of Herfe Honarmand Gallery , Tehran, Iran
2018 – "Inja" Art Gallery, Na Rooz na Aftab (Neither daylight, nor Sunshine), Tehran, Iran
2010 – "Mehrva" Art Gallery , Tehran, Iran
Select Group exhibitions:
2019 – "Inja" Art Gallery, Portrait, Tehran, Iran
2018 - "Inja" Art Gallery, life Unplugged , Tehran, Iran
2010 – "Mehrva" Art Gallery, group display of paintings , Tehran, Iran
2010 –" Saba" Art gallery, Art Festival of the Young , Tehran, Iran
2008 –"Saba" Art gallery, Art Festival of the Young, Tehran, Iran
2008 – "Pardis Mellat" Art Gallery, Sandoozi Festival , Tehran, Iran
2019 –Society of Iranian Painters, Portrait citizen , Tehran, Iran