Ali Chaharmahali


The living condition of a mass in place ravaged by pollution...
Diseases,which are caused by pollution reach to the strangling point, to make breathing difficult.
All these conditions and cases could inspire a work of my and i, asan artist,tried not to be indifferent of
my surrounndings and to present a reflection.


2013 Group Painting Exhibition. Ahvaz Museum of Contemporary Art
2013 New Generation Design Group Exhibition
2014 Solo Design Exhibition .Marashi House
2014 The third annual biennial painting of Khuzestan province
2015 Solo exhibition of Marashi House design
2016 The second biennial position of Khuzestan province in 1995
2016 Participation in the 9th Fajr International Festival. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
2016 Selected International Ashura Mourning Festival
2017 Selected International Green Film Festival. Saba Cultural Center
2017. Painting group exhibition. Shavadon Gallery
2019 Solo Painting Exhibition. Shavadon Gallery
2019 Second person of Dezful International Festival of Human and Environment
2019 Energy Painting Exhibition. Shavadon Gallery
2019 Group painting exhibition. Shavadon Gallery