Asal Fallah


Relying on naive imagination and traveling to nowhere that is far from human made frames, help to human garbled spirit to have a hesitation moment & breathing opportunity who seeks for refuge regarding his entity. He wants a refuge to find himself and under its calm shadow, knows about his whats & why, these are always the greatest human needs during history.
The collection of “my world” is along with great and imaginative histories & fables which filled my childhood up. I was so fascinated by the content of stories that all of my memories were flying in imaginative stories, which I heard them amorously & figured them in my mind.
Always, I try to make all elements and characteristics of my works free of special time & place, the same as my childhood when my world was free of every boundary. It seems that there is a world parallel to the real world which I breathe it and suddenly I stop it in a moment, and record same of its events.
The world which all the impossible in the real world become possible in it, and the audience is riding an imaginative chariot, & by replying on works` creator which is a mix of her conscious and unconscious handle and experience the events.
Imagination and dreams are exciting for all the different nations, the same as most of the human feelings that are common, & make “human unity” sense even for a moment.


Born On 1983 in Tehran

2012 M.A in Painting-Faculty of Art and Architecture , Tehran
2005 B.A in Painting-Faculty of Art and Architecture, Tehran
2001 Graduate of Art School for Girls in the Field of Painting, Tehran

Solo Exhibitions:
2006 Art gallery, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran
2008 Mirmiran Art Gallery, the House of Iranian Artists, Tehran
2011 Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran
2013 Art People Gallery, San Francisco, California
2013 Maah Art Gallery, Tehran
2014 Maah Art Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
2014 Pro Art Gallery, Dubai
2013 Tirgan Festival, Toronto, Canada
2013 Pro Art Gallery, Dubai
2012 Opera Gallery Auction, Dubai
2012 Group Art Exhibition of LYON, France
2012 Art people Gallery, California
2012 ABRA Art Gallery, California
2012 AHVAZ Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahvaz
2012 SHIRIN Art Gallery,Tehran
2012 Dey Art Gallery,Tehran
2012 Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran
2012 Farvahar Art Gallery, Tehran

2009 Mah e Mehr & Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran
2009 Art Exhibit of Selected Members of Society of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artist Frum, Tehran
2009 2nd Festival of Iranian Contemporary Drawing, Imam Ali Museum, Religious Arts, Pardis Gallery.
2009 First Pictorial Arts Festival in support of Humanitarian Movements(Color of Kindness), Tehran
2008 First Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Niavaran Cultural
Center, Tehran
2003-2020 Attendance in more than 200 Group Exhibitions and Art Festivals

2012 Selected of New Generation 6th Annual Homa & Shirin Gallerys
2011 Tehran Art Expo
2011 Certificate of Appreciation, National Festival of Resistance
2011 Certificate of Appreciation, National Festival of Shamseh
2010 Certificate of Appreciation, National Festival of Iranian Young Artists