Davud Musavi


War; civilisation; progress, battle and obliteration throughout history; war and destruction of everything again; human’s egocentrism has blended war and destruction as part of our history. They all have come from human’s avaricious mind which has positioned the world on the verge of collapse and we, on the edge of an abyss, are like numb and brainless creatures who have closed our eyes and have been transformed.
I see the heads without brains; the dull, wounded, and mummified faces; the injured bodies with no heads; skulls; corpse. These are the remnants of the traumas inflicted on me; the largest part of my life and my world. These traumas manifest into disintegrated heads which, sometimes, their formation start with a quick execution of the brush and paint spatula and finally finish with the sharp and abrasive tools that gouge my painting and sit on the face of my work.
The fragmentation of faces shows the passing of time and the bloody history; the repulsive mark of the destruction that we have left in the world and on ourselves. We’ve been left in darkness; a suspended status in an existence, which by nature is designed to make us depraved. We are condemned to accept it.
“These are what I am seeing from the far past up to now.”


Tehran, Iran-1972
Graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran, 1992
Solo Exhibition
Shirin Art Gallery –Tehran, Iran, 2019
IGREG Art Studio –Tehran, Iran, 2016
Group Exhibition
7th International Art for Peace Festival- Tehran- Iran, 2019
Shared Memory Exhibition- Shirin Art Gallery- Tehran- Iran, 2018
Drawing Group Exhibition- Vartan Gallery- Tehran- Iran, 2018
Painting Group Exhibition- Vartan Gallery-Tehran-Iran, 2018
Group exhibition of Instructors,the School of Fine Art-Tehran- Iran, 1998
2nd Biennale of Iranian Painting-Tehran- Iran, 1993
Work History
Teacher at Fine Arts School-Tehran- Iran, 1994-2007
Teacher at Kamal-ol-Molk Art School-Tehran- Iran, 2001-2012