Elina Zavar


Sympathy is all we need.
Sympathy or empathy is acceptance. Acceptance is the understanding and reaction of a person to distress. It's a feeling of need or deadlock in humans or other being.

Stalemate is draw in game of Chess or a dead end in a situation where the opponents are not checkmated, but also they are not able to move legally to accept defeat or victory.
Stalemate is some kind of entanglement in a situation that has suffering and enjoying in itself. Indicates the negation of victory and failure together.
In fact it is combination for the entanglement of failure and the pleasure of victory. It turns the suffering into the human being components in a pleasurable way, like a poison chalice that is not clear which side it's in. This experience of being stuck in a dead end requires sympathy more than anything else.


Tehran 1985.08.23
Graduate degree in Soore Art University
2007_Soore expo painting
2008-2009_ participate in second and third period new generation Homa Art Gallery
2011_ participate in third period groop painting exhibition Faber Castell
2012_ group painting exhibition Mohsen Art Gallery
2012_ group drawing exhibition Parking Art Gallery
2013_ group photo exhibition Parking Art Gallery
2013_ group painting exhibition Iranian Artists Frorum
2014-2015 _ digital painting in Son Of Iran Animation
2016-2017_ digital painting in Boroujerdi Animation