Faeze Hamidia


living in a traditional society in which sexuality is a determining factor, has focused the artist's mind as a woman on a subject such as "power" and to gaining it, there has been a constant conflict between femininity and masculinity.
This collection of works entitled "Sexuality" with a symbolic approach is a wide and endless area of this inner struggle.
In this collection of works, The power of water, a life-giving one, combined with softness, is displayed by choosing the faucet, which is a symbol of femininity, and the lion, as a symbol of masculine power, is in constant conflict with it; Sometimes to victory, sometimes to defeat and sometimes to peace.


Installation solo exhibition, Aftab gallery, yazd, 2006
Group painting exhibition, Anahita gallery, Tehran, 2007
Group painting exhibition, Valli gallery, Tehran, 2019
"Nasle nou" Group paintiing exhibition, Shirin gallery, 2019