Farshid Satiarvand


A few years ago, I was the technical director of a care center for the disabled; and I saw it as a subject suitable for painting. Disability of people kept in these centers causes them to be treated as disabled and sometimes cancerous. On the other hand, the inability, pain and illness of these people caught my attention. I have been working on this project for almost five years now. Exaggeration in forms and colors in order to better express the moods and spirits of human beings, as well as the unpretentious and honest performance of work is one of my main concerns. I have been influenced by painters like Edward Munch, but the only thing I care about right now is to cut and forget all the lessons and assumptions and focus on the story of the canvas and the pen that draws the painter like a pleasant narrator.


Graduated of dentistry ,shahid beheshty university tehran
More than 10 group exhibitions