Farzaneh Khoshkho


Symbiosis with cacti!
The artworks of this collection are related to man, his life and interaction with his surroundings. This environment includes his or her personal living conditions and may be related to the views, reactions, and behaviors of others affecting him. This man is trapped in a swamp of thoughts or conditions that, like a cactus thorns, injure his body or perhaps fondle his body! This Symbiosis, due to geographical algebra or events happened to him unintentionally, has become a daily action and reaction, and finally this "man" is still breathing and looking out of the frame from the perspective of a victim!


M.A Art Research - Payame Noor University, East Tehran Center - Tehran Art and Media - 2013
B.A of Painting - Sepehr University of Isfahan - 2011
Painting Associate degree- Shiraz Girls Technical and Vocational School, 2005
Diploma of Painting - Marzieh Girls' Technical and Vocational High School - Shiraz, 2003

• Professor at applied science and technology University of Kish Island .
• Member of the Iranian Painters' Artists Association
• Member of the Iranian Illustrators Association
• Member of the Scientific Research Association of Visual Arts of Iran
• Member of the founding board of Kish Painters Artists Association
• Executive Director of the Afdesta Virtual International Festival
• Afdesta Advertising Center's illustrator and video designer

2020 / Virtual exhibition "Common Pain", Ivan Gallery, Tehran.
2019 / Exhibition of the Iranian Painters' Artists Association "Text in Text", Artists House, Tehran.
2018 / Exhibition of the Iranian Illustrators Association "I am an illustrator", Artists' House, Tehran.
2018 / Group exhibition of the 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Saba Institute, Tehran.
2018 / Group exhibition of paintings entitled "I am independent", Gallery now, Isfahan.
2018 / Solo painting exhibition "It happened in one night", Mika Gallery, Kish.
2016 / Isfahan Painters' Association Painting Group Exhibition, Isfahan Association Building, Isfahan.
2015 / Solo Exhibition "Moments of Passage", Afdesta Gallery, Shiraz.
2014 / International Painting Group Exhibition, Image Gallery, Shiraz.
2014 / Group exhibition "Afdesta Flavor", Afdesta Gallery, Shiraz.
2012 / "Zanzar Khayal" group exhibition, Shiraz Gallery, Shiraz Art Center, Shiraz.
2008 / Sepehr Isfahan University Press Printing Manual, Isfahan Art Center, Isfahan.
2004 / "Mani Group" Painting Group Exhibition, Tandis Gallery, Shiraz.