Fatemeh Hosseini


The years of my life, from childhood, passed with dual images. A knife pierced my right eye into the cornea. The knife in my own hand. Since then, another form of objective world appeared at my sight.
Since that day, I have looked at the world in two different ways with the two eyes; with one so clear and distinct, and with the other opaque, blur and dreamy.
Thirty-three years later, that moment was reflected for me in my photographs and paintings .There was another factor influencing my work. The life, way of thinking and perspective of the famous photographer Joel Peter Whitkin Known as the Death Photographer, he boldly and wholeheartedly stood up to his childhood fears and portrayed death.
That incident caused me to see the world and human beings differently .The second, caused me to identify myself with Whitkin.The arrangement and composition of his works had a significant impact on my photography.
Thirty-three years after that accident, I have always looked at the world through the rupture of the cornea, seeing myself confused, and sometimes calm, while passing by, still opaque and dreamy .While creating the works, I have looked at myself with my right eye.Transparency disappears. The colors are intertwined, and the ambiguity begins. In these works, I have attempted to unveil the lies and virtual coverings and portray the existential beauty of women through blurredness.


M.A. illustration from ISLAMIC AZAD UNIVERSITY central Tehran branch
graphic teacher
professional artistic photographer
Has a certificate of participation in Rasull e mehr gallery painting group in 2015
Has a certificate of participation in Iranzamin gallery drawing group in 2016
Has a certificate of participation in Jalaal e Ale Ahmad gallery painting group in 2018
Has a certificate of participation in Honar e Iran gallery drawing group in 2016
Has a certificate of participation in Jalaal e Al Ahmad gallery poster group in 2015