Fatemeh Malek Mohammad Pour


This lightning intuition is completely empty. The child has just acquired the conviction that she is not just anyone, but it is precisely by acquiring this conviction that she becomes just anyone. She feels, to be sure, that she is someone different from the others, but each of the others has the same feeling of being different from everyone else. The child has undergone a purely negative experience of separation and her experience assumes the form of universal subjectivism. What can we make of a discovery which frightens us and offers nothing in return?

the child who has become aware of himself as a separate being with a sense of despair, rage and jealousy will base his whole life on the fruitless contemplation of a singularity which is formal. ,'you threw me out of the perfect whole of which I was part and condemned me to a separate existence.
Well, now I'm going to turn this existence against you. If you ever wanted to get me back again, it would be impossible because I have become conscious of myself as separate from and against everybody else...i'm someone else, someone different from all of you who are responsible for my sufferings. You can persecute my body, but you can't touch my "otherness".


Fatemeh Malek-Mohammad-Pour
Born in Tabriz, Iran at 20 January 1998
Painting Diploma of Kosar Art School of Tabriz (From 2013 until 2016)
Painting Student in Islamic Azad University (From 2016 until now)

Group Exhibitions (Year, Title, City, Gallery):
2017, Expo of Alzahra University, Tehran
2016, Gap Group, Tabriz, Art and Culture Center
2015, Scissor, Tabriz, Khataei Historical House
2014, Kosar, Tabriz, Art and Culture Center

Presence in Festivals (Year, Festival's Name (city):
2019, Young Artists Festival (Ilam)
2017, Young Artists Festival (Kerman)
2015, Urmia Lake Art Festival (Tabriz)
2014, Talent Detection of Nabi Akram University (Tabriz)
Awards (Year, Festival's name, City) :
2014, Second Place of illustration, Urmia Lake Art Festival, Tabriz