Fatemeh Shakouri


The finite light comes and goes but infinite darkness is always there. It seems, however, that light is everything; the fleeting quality of light can transform a shape or landscape at any moment; what’s
more, light is also the source of turmoil.
Faces, arms, legs, and bodies within the darkness come to life under a narrow beam of light, and, abandoning their usual shape and place, they begin to dance with their shadows.They are inhabitants of darkness who have become avid pilgrims of light.
The images of this series first emerge from a period of photography from figures in an enclosed space, without any windows or light sources, the resultant photos are then rendered as drawings and paintings.
I first discover my forms through photography and then represent them to capture movement and life. Baroque light quality and composition, particularly in Caravaggio’s work, have been a main source of inspiration in achieving these spaces.
Together, the pre-eternal darkness of shades and shadows and the light beam that is the symbol of vitality, only partially illuminating the figures, create forms that seem to move back and forth like trembling candlelight. By recording these fleeting moments, I aim at communicating a sense of existence.


Born in Tehran, Iran (1980)
2011 MA in Art Research, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
2007 BA in Fashion Design, Shariati Technical and Vocational College
Member of board of directors at the Islamic Art Association of Iran since 2013
Teacher in various Tehran Art Schools since 2001
Teacher at Shariati Technical and Vocational College and other education centers since 2011
2018-2019 Art Teachers Training Course Instructor (Drawing)

Solo Exhibition
2016 “The Outdoor Room”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran

Selected Group Exhibitions and Festivals
2019 “100 Works 100 Artists”, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
2019 “Art P Festival” Group Exhibition, Farmanfarma Gallery, Tehran
2019 “The 12th Fajr Visual Arts Festival” Exhibition, Saba Art Gallery, Tehran
2018 “40 Selections”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “Drawing Book of the Year”, Iran Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “That Which Isn’t” Group Exhibition, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 “Red”, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 Group Drawing Exhibition, Iran Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 Group Drawing and Painting Exhibition, Kamaleddin Behzad Gallery, Tehran
2016 “Alborz Painter Artists Association First Drawing Festival”, Karaj, Iran (shortlisted)
2015 “Small Frames”, Aria Gallery, Tehran
2007 “Shahnameh Illustration”, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran