Fatemeh Tarrah


Firstly, my work develops with a collage of different elements from my sketches. Usually, the idea of my painting comes from my previous works, a picture, or a movie. In the painting, the study and the search for the time, light, and the combination of the elements are always interesting for me. Overall, "Edgar Degas" and "Edward Hopper" had a considerable impact on my work. The main elements of my work are the lights and shadows.
Although, I see a human occasionally; The light and shadow play the main roles. These two play the melody of silence and loneliness that we can hear it through doors and windows. Doors and windows that we see from the outside are the gates to the inner world. Nevertheless, I do not demonstrate it.
Then, we can see only people that come out to hear the melody of the light and the shadows. Of course, the only thing they can hear is silence. The silence of the outside informs from the voices of inside. The voices that each time in the shape of a body throw themselves to the outside world through a window or a door. I look for myself in my paintings. My work is the outer world and, I try to discover it.


Born: 13 September 1999
B. A. in Painting: Tehran university of Art (TUA), Tehran, Iran (2017 - Now)
• Winner of Kharazmi fair in illustration section - 2014
• Organizer of Alternative modernism course in TUA under supervision Professor Kambiz Mousavi
Aghdam - 2019
• Organizer of painting workshop with Mr. Dariush Hosseini in cooperation with scientific association of
painting in TUA – 2019
• Assistant in Vala Gallery - 2019
• Writer in Fard Magizine 2019 – now
• Dar Nabud: Negah gallery
Tehran, Iran / February 2020