Gelareh Goudarzi


In the year of 1906 Kashef al-Saltaneh imported to Iran tea saplings and a number of other transplant saplings including a pine with needle leaves which was later named Kashefi Pine through sea by ship from the regions of India and the Himalayas, in his diary addressing Mozaffar ad-Din Shah he writes:
“I carried the saplings with myself to the ship, since my return to Iran coincided with the severe storm season of the Gulf of Oman, the captain of the ship did not permit the aforementioned plants on the ship deck. I was compelled to place all the pots in the first class hall and for every ten pot I paid the equivalence of a single first class passenger and I carried them and I delivered them intact and sound to the shores of Khorramshahr. But in the few days of residing in here, the seasonal winds successively blew like fire flame, it burnt out most of the plants and the rest I put on a covered up litter (moving bed or seat) and irrigated them step by step with a pump and with a lot of inconveniences I offered them in health at the state garden” Up to now the Kashefi Pines stand in the passages and old neighborhoods of Tehran and stare at us, reminding the history of the past. A tree in its most green instances of life namely in its most natural moments, reveals it’s own historicality in the disintegration of the semblance and passage of time.


1984 Born in Boroujerd
BA painting – Azad Art University – Tehran
Solo painting exhibition:
Vista art gallery with title twilight code – 2018
Group painting exhibitions:
Mohsen gallery with title Barren- 2013
Mohsen gallery with title Representation- 2013
Vista art gallery with title Utopia- curator: Behnam Kamrani- 2014
Autobahn gallery- 2014
Jorjani gallery with title Observation- 2015
A-art- gallery with title Hush-curator: Aidin Xankeshipour- 2017