Ghazaleh Erfani


The portraits you see in this project are a symbol of modern man, with all the complexities and conflicts of the modern age that I have shown using different layers, lines, and shades.
Abandoned heads in the white background, shows the loneliness and isolation of mankind in the new age with all its conflicts and confusions.
My focus in these artworks is on creating a coherent and good design by using a variety of lines and layers; Presenting the concept is of secondary importance. I started this project under the limitations of
the Coronavirus and the lack of access to painting materials.
Therefore, I have only used the white and black colors that were available to me, and the lack of various colors, having black & white and gray space are the prominent features of the works.
The main concepts of my work are usually formed from the events of my personal life as a human who is living in today's world and the concerns arising from the influences of society and the media.
In most of my paintings, portraits and figures appeared alone. " Isolated Bodies ". When I stand in front of a piece of paper or canvas, I start as an audience, and like you, I'm unaware of the result of the work.
I always have a small sketchbook, full of linear exercises and small drawings that gradually find their ways to my larger paintings and works.


Visual Artist, Based in Iran
Born in: 1987-Iran
Phone: +98 (9333975579)

• 2008-2012, B.A in graphic design from Islamic Azad University, art and architecture faculty in
• 2003-2007, Diploma high school in natural science, Sadaf high school.
• 2012-2016, Karim Nasr studio (drawing & painting).

• Art University of Tehran, Group illustration exhibition, 2009.
• Iranian house of the cartoon in Tehran, Group illustration exhibition, 2009.
• “ The land of nowhere “ No26 Art Gallery in Tehran, Group exhibition, 2016
• “ The other side “ Bon Art Gallery in Tehran, Group exhibition, 2017.
• “ Vizyon “ Eksen Art Gallery In Istanbul, Group Exhibition, 2018.