Homa Abdollahi


The subject of “place” is one of the most influential matters in my life; developed gradually Since my childhood, in moving from one city to another and in recent years in moving from a house to another. Confronting a new place, the effort to build relations, setting and yet again leaving it after a while.
Repeating this behavior for me is a reminiscence of the places which are built for a short period and are not perpetual. I have also been interested in the connection between a person and his place of residence and his or her struggle for survival. Abandoned places, half-finished buildings or structures, and empty spaces are the subject matters of my paintings.
In my “Sepanj” series, I depict roofs, includes places that I’ve spent moments, months or even years under their roofs. Sepanj in Farsi means transient, and is referred to a shelter or a house, lasting or existing only for a short time.


Born: 1986, Tehran,Iran
Membership: Association of Iranian Painters
Lives and works in Tehran
2014. M.F.A in Painting, Art faculty of Alzahra University,Tehran,Iran
2010. B.F.A in Painting, Art faculty of Shahed University,Tehran
2003. Diploma, Graphic Arts, Besat Art School,Tehran
Solo Exhibitons:
2019. Sepanj , O Gallery, Tehran
2017. Static (2), Naranj art Gallery, Shiraz,Iran
2016. Static, O Gallery, Tehran
Group Exhibitions:
2020. Episode 05, Mohsen Gallery,Tehran
2020. Visual Dialogue, selected by Fereydoun Ave, O Gallery,Tehran
2019. A close view of far field representations, San’ati Contemporary Art Museum,Kerman,Iran
2018. Pop up no.1, (Outside the Gallery Space) O Gallery,Shiraz,Iran
2018. Association of Iranian Painters, Museum of Contemporary Arts,Isfahan,Iran
2017. Hush, A art Gallery,Tehran
2017. The 9th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No Festival, Shirin Gallery,Tehran
2016. Precious Fragments, Contemporary Art Platform, CAPkuwait, Kuwait
2016. Research Expo, Society of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artists’ Forum,Tehran
2015. Pars Online Festival, Aas Gallery,Tehran
2015. Society of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artists’ Forum,Tehran
2014. Small Paintings, Aria Gallery,Tehran
2014. Saba Art Gallery, The 6th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts,Tehran
2013. The 7th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No Festival, Shirin Gallery,Tehran
2013. The 7th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No Festival, Contemporary Art Museum,Ahwaz,Iran
2013. Art Center Gallery,Tehran
2013. Saba Art Gallery. The 6th Youth Visual Art Festival,Tehran
2012. Banoo Gallery,Tehran
2011. Shahed Art Gallery,Tehran
2008. Saba Art Gallery, First Resistance Festival of Visual Arts,Tehran
2017. Winner of 9th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No Festival,Tehran,Iran
2014. 2nd Prize, 6th Fajr International Visual Arts Festival,Tehran,Iran
2013. Chosen in 6th Youth Visual Art Festival,Tehran,Iran
2012. Winner of Workshop of Visual Arts,Tehran,Iran