Jalal Taherian


The people who I know
My paintings are not just a representation, Rather, it is an attempt to reach a simple dialogue between me and everything I paint, that has never happened to me before. As this conversation deepens, more layers appear. Maybe that's why details are so important to me, because I realized that cognition is shaped by dealing with details. This may seem insignificant at first glance, But it is a way I can see the formation of what I am trying to perceive. The result of this cognition appears in a different narrative, in the format of a face that does not mean a face, but a combination of a set of internal and external states which each can carry a specific message. Accordingly, in my works, I have tried to close the existing gap by approaching the subject and this itself creates an internal connection, which may never have occurred in a normal, everyday relationship.


He has a master's degree in art from Semnan University. He started his career in the field of art in 2001 and continued his work in the fields of painting and graphics. He has participated in several domestic and international exhibitions. He is currently working in the field of painting.