Mahdieh Abolhasan


Paper is one of the main material of my work and I have concentrated on drawing medium. I walk on the edge of drawing and Sculepture. I develop my drawing ideas by cutting cardboard and making lines of these cuts. Nowadays I have been focusing my work on the idea of "drawing with more dimensions". Presence of "Line" and "Paper" and pasting surfaces over each one and converting them to space positions me somewhere between pure drawing and Sculepture. In my opinion my works are developed drawings.
I create my works from cardboard and by cutting and removing the inner layers I reach the deepest layers. I create in some way and destroy in other. The process I am currently facing in contemporary life.


Artfair ankara 2019
Solo exhibition: tarahan azad gallery 2016
40 exhibitions in iran & Napoli, milan , turkey
5 performances
4 landart
400 books & Magazine Graphic design
5 workshop papermaking in museums miremad & tehran & shiraz & ahvaz & khoram abad