Marjan Ghorbani


In my works, I tend to explore human moods and sensations. This tendency has led me to _explore_ texts, visit museums, and take a more historical approach toward this theme. Observing artifacts and lithographs, which I call “human self-portrait”, has opened a new horizon to my eyes. Stone, due to its durability, has been used more than any other natural element as the vessel and the means to narrate and _immortalize_ the most important events of human life. By symbolically exploiting the image of the stone, I try to illustrate my reflections about a complex situation of the contemporary human world. This collection is an effort to answer the following questions: "what will contemporary humans leave for their posterity, and how did their unceasing conquest of the nature come to an end!


Tehran.Iran 1990
Graphic Associate degree ,Islamic Azad University ,Tehran ,Iran
Bachelor of painting /fine art. Rasam Art University ,Alborz ,Karaj
Solo Exhibition:
2019 “Them”,Hamras Art Space ,Tehran ,Iran
Major Group Exhibitions:
2019 “Topos" ,Building,Dwelling” ,Vista Art Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2019 “Persons”,Hamras Art Space,Tehran,Iran
2019 “House Facing South”,Aknoon Art Gallery ,Isfahan ,Iran
2019 “Dreamer” ,Aknoon Art Gallery ,Tehran, Iran
2018 “Speaking For Themselves” Contemporary Art From Iran , Katharina Maria Raab Gallery ,Berlin
2018 “Infertility” Contextualising Of The Emerjing Iranian Artists ,A Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2017 “Amordad” ,Afrand Art Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2017 “+95” ,Afrand Art Gallery ,Tehran , Iran
2016. Rangotorang Art Gallery ,Shahsavar ,Gilan
2015 “Amordad” ,Afrand Art Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2014 “Iranian Painters In Istanbul” ,Gurcu Sanat Evi ,Istanbul ,Turkey
2014 Versus Festival ,Iranian Artists forum ,Tehran ,Iran
2014 “ICS” ,Afrand Art Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2014 “Chenara” ,Afrand Art Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2013 “The Mask” ,Afrand Art gallery ,Tehran ,Iran