Maryam Salehi


Silent Utterer

Objects are closer to us that they may appear; we are constantly passing by, leaving them behind in the mirrors of yesterday. They are so repetitive to us that we no longer see them. Yet their presence in our lives is undeniable.
I think, in particular, of the figures staring at us from inside the picture frames. Before sitting in front of the camera, they must have put something next to themselves or set it aside, and, in an instant, as the shutter button is pressed down, in their silence, they have become narrators of the past.
This silent presence is most notably felt in the photographs of musicians; pictures consisting of a number of objects which belong to a few figures with instruments in their hands or songs in their throats; images in a state between silence and utterance.
In the present series, my aim has been to truly see these objects. Using still-life compositions, I have taken these objects out of those photographs of musicians and depicted their breaking silence through breaking forms.


(b. 1979, KhorramAbad)

BA in visual Communication (Graphic Design) Dr. Shariaty University, Tehran

2004 - 2006
Art consultant and manager at Noghtechin-e Grafik Atelier
2006 - 2008
Art consultant at Seraj-e Nour-e Tous Co.

2018 First Carbafoo Annual Painting Prize:
Artin Gallery, Mashhad;
Hoomehr Gallery, Kerman;
Honar Gallery, Sari;
Abad Gallery, Tehran
2018 Group Portrait Exhibition, Yasmin Gallery, Tehran
2018 From the Silent of Forms to the Rhapsody of Light: A Solo Exhibition by Maryam Salehi,
Vista Gallery, Tehran
2018 6th Art for Peace Festival, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran
2017 Group Drawing Exhibition, Negar Art Gallery, Terhan

2016 That which isn’t, Group Drawing Exhibition, Honar-e Iran Gallery, Tehran

2015 Poland, Group Poster Exhibition, Tehran

2012 3rd Tolu’ National Poster Biennial, Tehran

2010 Persian Gulf, group poster exhibition, Tehran

2009 The Exhibition of Felicity festival Posters

2004 Solo Illustration exhibition based on Luristan bronzes; Dr. Shariaty University, Tehran

2008 , 2011 Second and Fifth Year Book Of Graphic Students, Rasm Publication

Awards and Recognitions :
2018 First Carbafoo Annual Painting Prize Honorary Award, Abad Gallery , Tehran