Maryam Zeynaliyan


Urban nature
Building and destorying was the beginning.
A building made of bulding and an alternative to nature, an experience with pleasure and despair between demolition and stracture on the page and the possibillity of happening in it.
Here is the decision to choose between the two( demolition and stracture ) and their effectiveness.


Solo exhibition:
2017,Bottel and Giorgio, Azarnoor Gallery, Mashhad
Group exhibition:
2019, The 7th annual print making exchange, Laleh Gallery, Tehran
2019, Summer,Ela Gallery,Tehran
2018, Winter 96, Seyhoun 2 Gallery,Tehran
2018, Edition, Azarnoor Gallery, Mashhad
2017, Dream of latest days, Digari Gallery, Mashhad
2017, Happen, Digari Gallery, Mashhad
2016, Larg format, Farzad Gallery, Mashhad
2016, The way i am, Farzad Gallery, Mashhad
2016, Not fair, Not beautiful, Farzad Gallery, Mashhad