Marzie Bagheri


The Middle.
A place,space or concept between two or more things,where I am,In the middle of a square called “it is as it is”.Between seemingly safe points of belief,constant suspension and apprehension.Between today that is covered in dust and tomorrow that is pale.We are born every day in a new war and die in the midst of an old one.Here in this middle death is a trait of children who have not yet been born.As
old as Ancient civilizations layers of ash are upon us.We are as hollowed as the vastness of contemporary fantasies.Here memories of war are as innumerable as the number of layers of trunks of world's oldest trees while dreams of peace are piling upon each other.Here nature,people and civilization go to a profound sleep every day,and only afew may awake.Condemned to life amidst the desire to create better geography and efforts to find a way out.Between staying and leaving.In the midst of the middle that They named us.In the middle where we are.Where they want us to be.Amidst the middle of us and them.Amidst the suspension of the future of our world.Amidst of all this amidst.Amidst nothing,Except for shutted eyes. Following news for me is not just a daily routine.It’s news that follows me. Most of all the news of war.This concern, which accompanies me for most of my life, goes back to the geography in which I live and to belonging to a war-torn family.


1985, Iran
· Education:
2005 - 2009, B.A in painting, Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran.
2013 –2015, M.A. in Art Research, University of Science & Culture, Tehran, Iran.
· Group Exhibitions:
-2016, Etemad Gallery, Blue Gold, Tehran , Iran
- 2014, Niavaran Cultural Center, “Haft Negah” group exhibition, Tehran, Iran.
- 2014, Shirin Art Gallery, "Eraser" Group of the selected Artists of four Rounds of the Damonfar’s
Painting Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
- 2014, Shirin Gallery "Machine; Automobile", Tehran, Iran.
- 2012, Niavaran cultural center, “Haft Negah” group exhibition, Tehran, Iran.
- 2012, Homa Art Gallery, “The New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists”, Tehran, Iran.
- 2012, Aun Gallery, “Third Damonfar’s Painting Biennial, Lightness”, Curator: Rozita Sharafjahan,
Tehran, Iran.
- 2011, Mohsen Gallery, "The first annual exhibition of digital art Tehran", Tehran, Iran.
- 2011, Shirin Art Gallery, “DOLL”, Curator: Behnam Kamrani, Tehran, Iran.
- 2011, Shirin Art Gallery, “Face to Face”, Behnam Kamrani, Tehran, Iran.
- 2011, The Second exhibition of works by leading youth, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
- 2010, Mellat Gallery, Damonfar's Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists, Tehran, Iran.
- 2010 Iranian Artists Forum, “4th Haft Negah” group exhibition, Tehran, Iran.
- 2010, "Action, Expression, Creativity" Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
- 2010, Jill George Gallery, From Tehran to London, London, UK.
- 2010, Homa Art Gallery, Shemage/ a Glance at Paintings of Contemporary Girls, Tehran, Iran.
- 2009, Aran Art Gallery,"Tehran", Tehran, Iran.
- 2009, Homa Art Gallery, The Forth New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists, Tehran, Iran.
- 2008, Homa Art Gallery, The Third New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists, Tehran, Iran.
- 2008, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
- 2007, Sooreh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

· Awards:
2010, 2nd prize of Damonfar's Festival of young Contemporar