Mehdi Babaei


The following works are objective takes on a series of personal experiences, which the artist has carried with him for a long time. In this series, Mehdi Babaei has tried to turn objects and figures into black-white paintings by taking a realistic approach."Time is an important aspect of these works, both the time spent on creating the pieces and the time that has passed for the subjects. Painting is capable of freezing historical moments. I have also tried to save my own historical moments, in order to be able to look at them longer."


1986 Born in Isfahan, Iran

2010 BA, Painting, Shahed Art University, Tehran, Iran 2002 Painting Diploma, School of Fine Art,
Isfahan, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

2019 “3 on 3 Summer Project”, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Khaneh-e Naghsh Gallery, Isfahan. Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 the 11 Annual MONTAKHAB-E-NASL-E NO
Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Distorted Sight, Sales Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2013“Damoonfar”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 “Damoonfar” Aan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 House of Iranian Artists, Tehran, Iran
2011 Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 “Y.A Festival”, Tehran, Iran
2010 Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 “Damoonfar”, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 Hanaa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 Saba Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran 2008 “Y.A Festival”, Tehran, Iran


2010 3rd W Prize, Damoonfar Festival, Tehran, Iran
2003 Winner of Isfahan Cultural Center Art Festival, Isfahan, Iran