Mehrdad Safari


Nobody can deny the fear and panic that is caused by an occurrence of war.
Indeed so many people’s childhood has influenced by that, and formed by memories of lights out, red siren, the loud noise of bomb blast and missile, cries, and the dead bodies.

Perhaps these remembrances are endless images for people who have been involved with it just like me personally.
My artworks are presenting the same matter and by all means, illustrating this feeling without employing the signs of the war, would be illuminating avoid nature of a man or futility psyche, that causing death of people of the century, alike leprosy.

I believe that a person influenced by crisis and peripheral reactions leaves with certain principles. Undoubtedly the pure inquisitive nature of man-caused by the imposed suffer.
To live in this world seems like being in a prison for those lives who are suffering but not being able to die.


Name : Mehrdad Safari
Date of Birth : 1981.March.21
place of birth:Kermanshah
Phone : +98 9380702697
Email :
City of residence :Yazd

Tehran University of Art .M.A ( Master of painting ).2013
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Bachelor of Painting.2008

Yazd Artgallery. Individual painting exhibition . 2014
Yazd Artgallery. Group painting exhibition . 2014
Hozeh Honari yazd gallery . Group painting exhibition .2013